Habitual of shaving, waxing and tweezing?

Laser Hair Removal is the permanent solution that ensure you never have to be worried about unwanted hair. Recommended for all, both men and women seek laser hair removal to get unwanted hair removed.

How does it work?

Laser hair reduction/removal is a non-invasive procedure, by which unwanted hair are removed from any part of the body by utilizing a long pulsed laser. Lasers can cause localised damage by selectively heating dark matter or melanin. Hence, it targets the hair follicle, while not heating the rest of the skin. Dark objects absorb light, so laser energy can be absorbed by dark material in the skin, but with much more speed and intensity.

We concentrate on “Permanent Reduction” which means that one shouldn’t expect laser to remove every single hair from any area. We suggest our clients certain standard precautions during the course of entire treatment. For e.g. No waxing or removing of hair by any other way.

The root problem?

Laser needs multiple sessions to target all hair, 6-8 sessions over a period of 8-12 months are recommended.

Hair grows in cycles and many other factors influence its growth.

The phases include:

Growth Phase (Anagen) – It is the active growing phase in which the hair bulb is intact.

Shriveling Up Phase (Catagen) – when the lower part of the hair stops growing but is not shed.

Resting Phase (Telogen) – The hair bulb is no longer present and is now a club hair which will fall out or be pushed out of the follicle by the new anagen growing hair.

Will there be any side-effects?

There will be no lasting side effects after this treatment.

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