What is Leukoderma?

It’s not a disease, it’s a discoloration of the skin and not contagious!

Leukoderma – the skin whitening disease is a gradual loss of pigment melanin from the skin layers resulting white patches on the surface of skin.

This disease is often abbreviated as Vitiligo. Leukoderma the distressing skin disease doesn’t make any organic harm as it is caused neither by germs nor due to bad blood.

In early stages, Leukoderma starts with a small spot that later spreads into patches. Over time, due to the loss of pigment from the skin, the patches become whiter and each patch merge one another creating a broad patch. In some cases it spreads all over the body.

Its Causes:

  • Acute & Chronic gastric diseases
  • Deficiency of calcium
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Burns
  • Steroid injection
  • Excessive stress, tension
  • Impairment of liver function (due to jaundice)
  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Wearing rubber gloves
  • Using stickers or tattoos on the skin
  • Heredity

How we help you cure this disease?

Following are the set of treatments we execute with guaranteed results without any side-effects.

  1. Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, PRP & Laser Treatment.
  2. Permanent Cosmetic Make-up by filling up white patches with Skin colour pigment in 1-2 sessions.
  3. Skin Grafting.