Water Retention and Cure

What is Water retention and cure?

Water retention is the most common premenstrual symptom. It is a serious disease and very easy to identify whether you are suffering from it or not.

For example: Feeling too fat for your clothes; mouth puff up in the morning or just feeling heavy then you are suffering from water retention problems. Bloating is also a symptom of water retention.

How does water retention happen?

Normally, our body is able to balance the water contained in it but sometimes it so happens that because of abnormal food patterns, this balance goes haywire and you start suffering water retention problems.

So what are abnormal food patterns? 

– If you drink excessive alcohol or eat foods that are rich in salt, then you will not only suffer from water retention problem, you will also suffer from other serious diseases such as IBS and bloating.

How we help you cure Water retention problems?

We use a very unique treatment which one of its kind and very result oriented. We use Italian technology to help you overcome this disease. This technology is called as Lymphogie in which the pads are used on the joints of the body to drain out unnecessary fluids. On top of this, it is a non-surgical treatment. We guarantee you results!